The Grounds

We live in an increasingly urban, technology driven and cluttered world. The counterbalance is the benefits to body, mind and spirit that come with spending more time in direct connection with nature.

At Harmony Ridge Lodge, know and deeply respect the need in people nowadays to disconnect from the busyness and intensity of their lives in order to reconnect with themselves with the truths held by nature, the elements and the energies of the sun, moon and stars. We work hard to provide an experience where such outdoor engagement and connection can happen.

“Deep and absorbing” is how others have expressed their time here. Surrounded by 100 year old cedar, fir and oak trees, a large amphitheater yard that frames the sun, moon and stars, a 25 year old orchard, perennial gardens with specimen plants from all over the world, and a “dragon circle” under the towering pines, all provide numerous opportunities to relax, renew and reconnect.