Dog & ADA friendly

Dog friendly B&B means 232 dogs (and their owners) stayed with us in 2013.

Having five resident dogs in lodge family, Max, Tati, Lily, Skippy and Kilo means we understand how people must to travel with their canine family members. As a result, Harmony Ridge Lodge has become popular on the vacationing dogs circuit. For all of our dog travelers and their human companions, Harmony Ridge Lodge offers:

Three and a half enclosed acres of pine forest for off-leash runs and socializing

 Slate floors and sliding doors that blend the indoor and outdoor environments

 Walking trails, with plenty of great smells on Tahoe National Forest trails directly off the property

 Summer swimming at the dog friendly beaches of the South Yuba River State Park and Scott’s Flat Lake Mile

Outdoor dining at the Five Mile House Restaurant and Harmony Ridge Market, both within walking distance from the lodge

Just enough snow for a dog to roll in and make snow angels in the winter without getting buried

Harmony Ridge Lodge is fully ADA compliant.

Both buildings as well the gardens and decks are ADA compliant, with access for both wheel chairs and walkers. They also both have ADA bathrooms. In addition, all public rooms including the conference room, great room, dining room and lobby are accessible via wheel chairs. The lodge also has a wheel chair accessible guest room.