About us

No one remembers exactly how Harmony Ridge got its name.  Perhaps it came from the sense of fellowship and cooperation evident from the Native tribes who called this land home.   Perhaps the pioneers who traveled well-worn trails experienced a momentary sense of unity and peacefulnesss here. Perhaps those lured by the promise of the rich veins of gold lightened their monotonous work with harmonious song.

Whatever the story, Harmony Ridge is a magical place where the wild west of the Tahoe National forest encourages you to connect to a natural serenity, and the rustic luxury of the mountain lodge soothes a frantic spirit.

Joyful collaboration and celebration is the frequent experience of our guests.  Gatherings for business, education, retreats, family, weddings, or  simple get-away — whatever the purpose — find themselves experiencing renewal and rejuvenation.

Come and Connect, Create, Renew & Grow